Cloud Backup is software-only solution that goes beyond File-and-Folder backup, providing customers with a flexible and comprehensive way to protect and recover organisational data.

backup saas cloud repository

Imaging of Physical Servers

The physical image backup and recovery options address specific restore requirements of customers.

  • Physical or Virtual Environment Restores – Your choice of Bare Metal Recovery (BMR) or Physical-to-Virtual (P2V) recovery to VHD format compatible with Microsoft Hyper-V
  • Object-level Restore – Explore and extract specific files and folders quickly and easily, with no need to mount VHDs
  • Fast Recovery Time Objective (RTO) – Quickly recover from image backups stored on local storage

Virtual Machine Backup (VMware & Hyper-V)

Cloud Backup supports VMware and Microsoft APIs, thus allowing for easy backup of virtual machines to the cloud, local storage media, or both. Users can customize retention and archiving settings, and save or restore full VMs or just specific versions

Application-Native Backup: MS SQL and MS Exchange

Application-native backup protection reduces downtime for customers’ business operations by automating point-in-time captures of structured data – at rest, in flight, and cached.

  • Automated, non-disruptive backups of SQL Server and Exchange Server instances
  • High-quality, application-aware protection
  • Simple configuration of full or incremental backups