Our NextGen Firewall security solution provides robust protection to secure your internal network from external threats.  Based on application visibility, user-identity awareness, intrusion prevention, and advanced threat detection, our firewall solutions are ideal for today’s connected businesses.

ng firewall as a service

Advanced Security

  • Firewall – Applicaton control and granular application enforcement; interception of SSL/TLS encryption applications
  • User Identity Awareness – Supports authentication of users and enforcement of user-aware firewall rules; works with a variety of authenication methods including Wi-Fi access point vendors like Aerohive, Aruba, and Ruckus
  • Advanced Threat Protection – Dynamic analysis of malware programs and documents with embedded exploits

Simplified Operations

  • Fast and Easy Troubleshooting – Real-time information and comprehensive logging capabilities
  • Comprehensive Traffic Optimization – Intelligent traffic regulation and tightly integrated Quality of Service (QoS) and link balancing capabilities
  • Remote Access – Browser-based SSL VPN, dedicated VPN clients, and Network Access clients