With new threats created each day, businesses can use our proactive security methods to help ensure rock solid protection of their servers, workstations and laptops.  We provide this protection using a combination of antivirus, web protection and Windows OS patch management, resulting in the following benefits:

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  • Protection from known and emerging malware: Using signature-based antivirus for known threats, sophisticated heusterics checks to detect new and unrecognized viruses and combining them with active protection and behavioral scanning to detect programs that perform actions commonly associated with malware exploits
  • Keep your internet-enabled end-users safe: Web protection features protect users against malware, phishing, adware, botnets, and spam and also keeps users off sites that could cause a data breach
  • Prevent reduction of workforce productivity: Set browsing policies [and blacklist rules] that keep employees away from non-work related sites like gaming or social media
  • Patch Management: Keeping businesses safe requires constant vigilance - you need to keep all systems up to date with the latest Windows OS patches in order to remove identified security risks